Peace One Day – Is Peace Possible?

jeremy gilleyWhen Jeremy Gilley launched his Peace One Day campaign it was in an almost empty Globe Theatre in London. The audience then consisted of just a few loyal friends but by 2012 (according to a McKinsey report) over 280 million people across 198 countries around the world were aware of Peace One Day. If you want to actively participate in Peace One Day events the ‘Pocket Book of Peace’ provides a whole range of options to enable you to discover the best way for you, your friends, colleagues or family to have fun as you celebrate Peace One Day and help make a real difference to people everywhere.

prem rawatFollowing his meeting with Jeremy at the United Nations Prem Rawat voiced his support for Peace One Day in this video message. It was featured at the recent Elton John ‘Peace One Day’ concert in Wembley and is one of four short videos supporting Peace One Day on the Prem Rawat Foundation web-site

Prem Rawat tours the world continuously in promoting peace; speaking sometimes to tens of thousands in major cities and at other times to just handfuls of people in remote villages or in schools, prisons and universities. To see and hear what he is doing on a daily basis simply visit his personal web-site at

Who Will You Make Peace With?

bookletYou will be amazed when you share your commitment towards peace with others at how readily they respond.  In seeking practical ways to become involved, you will find a wealth of inspirational materials in Peace One Days Pocket Guide.

wopgIn addition try the internationally renowned Words of Peace web-site. Here you will find books, pamphlets, DVDs and even schedules for award winning television programs shown all around the globe.