Peace Beats

Peace Beats aims to introduce peace to young people in London where there is a persistent problem of violent youth crime. Gang crime is a common occurrence in several of the districts of south London and the young people who have been involved in these gangs are likely to have experienced no direction or sense of ownership of their own lives. Thus the idea of Peace Beats was created, with music, venue, promotional material, and videos all chosen to bring awareness of the possibility and the value of peace to this young audience.

peace beatsClick on the PeaceBeats Logo to see a recent concert.
The PeaceBeats project has been a success and has received funding from the Metropolitan police who have recognized that getting young people involved in various positive activities within the community is likely to provide a counterpoint to anti social behaviour.

Celebrate lifeClick on the Celebrate Life Logo to see more music and dance.
Welcome! Celebrate Life are a small group of volunteers based in London who are passionate about using the power of music to bring about positive change in communities. On their website you can see upcoming events, video clips, news, photos, get in touch with them, and find out more about who they are and why they do what they do.

kctvClick on the image to see how local students are promoting peace.
Students from Kidderminster College performing arts department got together recently for this promotional video for their upcoming Peacemeal event at the Kidderminster Town Hall Corn Exchange on June 27th. They will perform alongside fellow dance students and entertain guests invited to find out more about International Peace Day on Sept 21st and the Prem Rawat Peace Education Programme which starts at the college in September.